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There are some very good reasons why we're the fastest growing job fair in the United States.

  • We deliver thousands of qualified applicants!

  • We have the lowest prices in the industry!

  • We produce job fairs that get results!

Here's the bottom line... we've become the fastest growing job fair because we produce results! Over 1500 companies use our events to recruit and hire new employees!

The companies that support our events are generally looking to hire people from one or more of the following broad categories:

  • sales, management, restaurant and retail

  • technical, engineering, computers

  • administrative, general office, and customer service

  • banking and financial

However, we have thousands of qualified job applicants that come looking for every type of job imaginable.

Our clients are telling us that we produce fabulous events! We believe that's the reason they continue to sign-up for our job fairs!


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